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Children's Home + Aid Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR+R) Program was founded in 1990 to support and strengthen the child care system in Illinois.

The Children's Home + Aid CCR+R Program is an informational resource for: families, child care providers, employers and communities in Bond, Clinton, Madison, Monroe, Randolph, St. Clair and Washington counties.

2133 Johnson Road
Granite City,IL 62040
Fax: 618-452-9136
Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm

Information is available about:

child care options
payments and referrals
professional development opportunities
for child care providers
family responsive workplace policies
statistical and geographical data
and information for policy makers
about child care issues.

The goal of the Child Care Resource + Referral Program is to deliver the highest quality service. We would appreciate hearing your success stories as well as complaints.
Please contact Kim Hunt, Children's Home + Aid Child Care Program Director at 1-800-267-9200 Ext. 123.,or they can be mailed to:

Children's Home + Aid Child Care Resource + Referral
2133 Johnson Road
Granite City, IL 62040
(800) 467-9200

We maintain the confidentiality of our customers. Your information will not be shared without your permission.

If you have any questions please go to the "Contact Us" area of this website and send a message to the "Professional Development Advisor"

2009 Fiscal Year Report

The Children's Home + Aid Child Care Resource + Referral Program is honored to share with you our Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Report (July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009). This Report includes summaries, outcomes, achievements and testimonials on the success of the CCR+R Program services.
We hope you will find this Report to be a useful tool as we continue to advocate for investments in high quality early care and education.
A special thank you to Kelly Beem, Kendall College Intern for her work on this Report.

Click here to view the 2009 Fiscal Year Annual Report